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Black Caiman Jr. is my next generation rainforest animal. The ancestor of my future animal is the Black Caiman which lived in Central and South America. Both Caimans belong to the Alligatoridae family and they got their names from the extinct Carib language. Black Caiman feeds on fish, turtles, birds, capybara and larger mammals. They are oviparous species and lay 30 to 65 eggs in a nest during dry season. They are classified as conservation dependent and they are poached for their skin. Black Caiman Jr. on its evolution will be an omnivore to survive the habitat changes. The next change is on its reproduction where they evolve into ovoviviparous species where the eggs gets hatched in the body of the parent like rattlesnakes due to their environment changes. It will also evolve itself to hold the breath underwater for long hours if they feel threatened.