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The Toco toucan (Ramphastos toco) is the best-known species of toucan. Right now, it is known for its vibrantly colored hollow beak. The Toco toucan is a land animal and lives in rainforests. Its diet consists of mostly fruits. In the future, the toucan will have a smaller, less colorful body to blend into the background. The beak will become smaller, but still hollow. It will also grow horns on the head to protect themselves and sense the amount of pollution in the air. When they sense a mammoth amount of pollution, the toucan will head into the water. Global warming is making water levels rise, so the toucan will get gills to breath underwater. They will add water animals to their diet, get webbed feet, and be able to swim. The Toco toucan will have skin that shields them from radiation and will be protected from man-made hazards.