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Lush. Beautiful. Rich. This is the Amazon Rainforest. For millennia hundreds of species have lived in it. One such being the Blue Morpho Butterfly. However, the rainforests are being destroyed; climate change and poor leadership, especially from Bolsonaro, are main contributors. Therefore, the Blue Morpho Butterfly will adapt to its changing environment. The butterfly has brilliant blue wings that, when flipped up, are brown with spots so they can camouflage among the brush. However, farms and deforestation are becoming increasingly prevalent in the rainforest, so the butterflies may adapt to lose these spots and be one-note. Therefore, they can blend in with crops that are all one color. Another trait of the butterflies is that they feed on tree sap and rotting fruits. However, seeing as the rate of deforestation is increasing, I think the butterflies will adapt to only eat rotting fruit. This is how the butterfly will adapt.