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Green iguanas are reptiles native to Central America, the Caribbean islands; they’re large, often green but sometimes brown or completely black, 12-17 inches long, and weigh 8.8 pounds. This lizard has rows of spikes along its back, strong jaws with razor sharp teeth, and a pointed tail it uses as a whip to drive off predators. Green Iguanas, as an arboreal species, spend most of their lives in trees near water and eat plants. This lifestyle can and will be affected due to climate change. For-instance, these lizard habitats in the south are getting colder, making it harder to stay mobile and hide from predators as the water they live near freezes. Meaning they’ll have to learn to adapt to the weather changes that happen unexpectedly. And in the warmer areas, they’ll have to learn to be careful since water is a main source for most predators in the rainforests.