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Proboscis monkeys have large noses to communicate with other monkeys and attract mates. The Proboscis monkeys group is called a harem or a band; it consists of a dominant male and two to seven females and their offspring. The Proboscis monkey lives in a mangrove forest. In the future the Proboscis monkey could use its nose to filter the air from the water and use that to breathe underwater. The Proboscis monkeys habitat will be submerged in water. Bigger fish will come into the mangrove forest and will target these monkeys because they have the upper hand in the water. The Proboscis monkeys will probably evolve with webbing on their feet and hands and use their tail for steering. With global warming by 2100 the polar ice caps will have melted raising the water level but it should take them 500,000 years to evolve to these changes.