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Tree Kangaroos are an endangered animal that live in mountainous rainforests in Australia. The kangaroo’s diet includes mostly foods of high fiber. The tree kangaroos are facing extinction due to habitat destruction, mining, and farming. These species are preyed upon by wild dogs and natives for meat. Defensively, the tree kangaroos are slow reactors and awkward on the ground. They jump around at a slow pace;however, the Tree Kangaroos are quicker in trees.They have strong legs, arms, and tails that help them when climbing, moving, and balancing. The Tree Kangaroos are desperate for adaptations. Tree Kangaroos need webbed feet for swimming in their new marshy environment with less trees, stronger arms for running on the ground, better vision for a boost of awareness, and I predict that the species will obtain adaptations in 380 years. Their name in Greek stands for tree jumper to express the time above ground.