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The toucan is a brightly colored bird that lives in rainforests in the Southern and Central America area. It’s beak is around 8 inches long and it’s body is around 25 inches long. The toucan eats insects, fruits, berries, and small rodents. The toucans biggest problem is deforestation. Since they live in the tops of the canopies, tree branches can easily fall on them and either kill them or hurt their beak. Deforestation affects the toucans because, the less forest they have to live in, the more crowded they will be. Also, with less food to eat and less land to live in, the toucans could die of hunger. Adaptations that the toucan could undergo is developing a smaller beak and smaller body. This would help because the toucan would need less food, less space, and would be less likely to get hit by falling branches and trees.