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Jaguars were found in South-West USA, all in South America, and up to the north of Argentina. Now, Jaguars are not found in half of their original habitats. Excluding their tails which can grow up to 80 centimeters long, their body can be up to 170 centimeters. In South America, deforestation causes their homes to get destroyed and their population gets split up so it’s harder to breed. Jaguars are also very vulnerable to being poached although it’s illegal. Demand for Jaguar skin has reduced since the 1970’s but their paws, teeth, and a lot of other parts of their body are still being sought after by poachers for medicines and ornaments. If this continues throughout the coming years, numbers of jaguars will decrease drastically. Jaguars should try to stay hidden from poachers to survive, and make sure to stay together to keep breeding to continue the species.