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Bearded Emperor Tamarins are interesting animals. They’re named after their mustaches. They usually give birth to twins. They’re really small in length being nine to ten inches without their tails, but their tails alone are 13.8 to 16.3 inches long. They’re omnivores meaning they eat produce and meat, but they mainly eat fruit. They live in the Amazon Basin. Since, there are a lot of people cutting down trees, in the future there’ll be a lot less trees in the rainforest. This means they’ll have to stop eating fruit and become carnivores. This’ll end out in the tamarins being a lot stronger and larger. Since there are occasional floods in the rainforest, in the future there’ll be a rise in the water level. This means they’ll have to grow webbed feet and something to hold their breaths better. They’ll also have to grow fur that doesn’t get wet.