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The Carnokapivore, originally known as the Okapi, is the closest known descendant of giraffes. It is an herbivore, so they eat the surrounding vegetation in their habitat. They use their thick, oily fur to stay dry in their tropical habitat, the Ituri Rainforest. The current problems include deforestation, palm oil, large-scale agriculture, rubber, and sugar production tremendously affect their habitat. Because of this devastating situation, the Ituri Rainforest will become a savannah by 2040. To survive in this open savannah with barely any vegetation, the Carnokapivore must use behavioral adaptations, becoming a carnivore. It would need sharp teeth to eat other animals to survive. Another physiological adaptation the Carnokapivore will need is larger ears to sense predators from a far distance. The open area will help it sense predators, making their escape. The Carnokapivore, adapting for millions of years, will utilize major changes to survive the savannah of the future.