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The green anaconda’s present habitat is found in Trinidad and tropical South America. They survive in streams, rivers, swamps, and marshes. The green anacondas are up to 550 pounds,too,up to 9 to 15 ft.The scientific name is Eunectes murinus. Eunectes is a genus of boas found in tropical South America. Murinus is the green anaconda. I think my present habitat may change because deforestation may take place..Green anaconda’s future habitat may be in grasslands and savannas. The adaptations I predicted for the future habitat are scales that help protect it from the sun because it may be too hot and a tongue to feel how hot/dry it is . Present to future habitat it may take 20 years. The green anaconda may survive at that rate of change because they can adapt to the environment quickly. However the adaptations I listed above may take a maximum of 200 years.