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In the next 100 years I think the Piranha will be extinct. The habitat where piranhas live is located in the Amazon river. Piranhas could grow to be 2 feet. In the next 100 years if piranhas aren’t extinct I think piranhas would have sharper teeth to kill their prey faster. If piranhas had more gills on their body,it would pump more blood making sure the fish doesn’t run out of oxygen quickly . Piranhas usually won’t attack you unless you bleed in water. If piranhas .The reason I think piranhas will be extinct is because of deforestation , climate change going on in the Amazon forest. Because of deforestation there will be less trees. Climate change will dry the Amazon rivers killing what piranhas eat . In the next Hundred years the Amazons will be known as a savanna because of its little trees and water.