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Spectacled Owls are the largest tropical owls with an average height of 18 inches. Their diets consist of insects, mice, bats, possums, and even monkeys and sloths! Their current habitat is tropical rainforests. As climate change worsens, the temperature increases and there may be more forest fires and droughts, that means that the rainforest could decrease in size and density in the future. The amount of food could also decrease. Due to those changes, the owls would adapt to their environment, for example, there would be less prey, so the owls might become smaller over time, as the smaller owls don’t need as much food to survive. If they’re out in daylight more to expand their hunting time their feathers might evolve over time to camouflage them, so their beige chests and bright white head feathers might become brown to help hide them in a browner, more arid environment.