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In the next thousands of years, I predict there will be severe droughts, causing the rainforest to turn into a grassland. In response to this, the tufted capuchin’s rough fur will become thinner to be better suited for the warmer temperature. The tufted capuchin’s brown and yellow fur will blend more and turn lighter, to better camouflage with grass in the grassland. The tufted capuchin’s tail and fingers will also gradually grow longer, in order to make it easier for the tufted capuchin to swing from the trees, which will be farther apart. Its mouth will not change much because it can still eat eggs, insects, small birds, and nuts, however, it’s mouth will become slightly larger to support the size of the food the tufted capuchin consumes. If these changes do happen, the tufted capuchin has a high likelihood of surviving the next thousands of years.