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Originating in a rainforest habitat, the Serrasalmus geryi is known as Violet line Piranha. The general name of this fish is piranha. When translated into Tupi, it means ‘tooth fish’. Sadly, both the Amazon rainforest is experiencing deforestation every day. This essential ecosystem is pivotal to the survival of our planet. If humans continue to cut down the trees in the areas and make farms there, then eutrophication in the Amazon river will occur. In summary, deforestation leads to climate change, climate change leads to melting glaciers, melting glaciers leads to floods, floods lead to marshes, and marshes and farming equals eutrophication. That is why the 'geryi' turns into 'pulmonis'. The redness in the piranha is because the blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin. The vessels can then absorb oxygen above water, giving the piranha its name ‘pulmonis’ which can be translated to ‘lungs’.