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I used the Arrau turtle that lives in the rainforest. I envisioned that in 1,000 the rainforest would be submerged due to rising sea levels. I’ve created my turtle as a fish because it had to adapt to the new rainforest being submerged. To the turtle that was once a simple Arrau Turtle, I added gills for underwater breathing. This was obtained because one turtle was born differently than the rest. It had small flaps in its neck that acted as gills. Soon, every turtle had gills. Another thing was the fins. A certain turtle born with webbed arms and hands was the cause. Then, more and more turtles with webbed hands that soon lead to fins were born. Lastly, one turtle had a bone disability that made skin-like pieces come out of their shell. This turtle began to dominate underwater, so it led to the turtles obtaining it.