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On the left is the White-Nosed Coatimundi; they are omnivorous mammals in Central America to South America. They search the land and trees for food, coatimundis are in large groups called ‘bands’. They have brown fur with claws, a long snout, and a tail; the snout is often used to get under rocks or other opticals. Their tail can be used for balance if they’re looking for fruit in trees. Their predators include jaguars, foxes, or eagles. On the right is the Grey-Backed Coatimundi, as the name implies they have grey fur along with claws and a long tail. Unlike previous types of coatimundis, they don’t have the long snout because they don’t need it. They mainly stay in the trees to stay away from the animals in the water. Coatimundis live in packs called bands and eat fruit, frogs, or insects. Their predators include eagles, jaguars, and crocodiles.