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This future version of an anaconda thousands of years from now is called Titanaconda. Snakes are cold-blooded, so when temperature rises in the future, the snake will have more energy. It will increase in size and weight because it will be eating and hunting extra. The head will be more pronounced as well. The Titanaconda will become predator than prey. The snake will no longer need to blend in with the rainforest floor so it will be a vibrant color. When the temperature rises, the icebergs will melt and flood the rainforest and turn it into a marsh. The anaconda can already swim, so Titanaconda will be deadly in the water. Since this snake will be hunting and killing more, they will develop venom in their fangs, as well as suffocation. In conclusion, the anaconda, also known as Titanaconda, will be deadly thousands of years from now but easily recognized.