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For the 2021 FutureCreatures Contest, I chose the Piranha. In the first picture, I showed what a present Piranha looks like, and in the second picture, I imagined what it would look like in 2,000 years. In the future, I decided Piranhas will be called X-Fishers. First, I changed the size of both the teeth and the fins to be larger. This is because of the Piranhas predator status. Both of these traits would further assist Piranhas to capture their prey. I also altered the color to be a more murky blue-brown color. Piranhas live in murky water, so with this color, they would be more camouflaged and better at catching prey. Lastly, I changed the eye to mimic chameleons, which have 360 vision. Along with the other changes, this would help Piranhas seize their prey. In conclusion, this is my interpretation of a Piranha in 2,000 years.