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In a thousand years, if a tropical rainforest becomes a wetland, the orangutans living there need to adapt to the habitat change. The orangutans will become the aquawebs. The aquawebs will need to escape their new predators, the akalians. When escaping akalians, aquawebs will need webbed hands and feet to swim fast when there are no trees around to swing on. Also, the bright, orangish brown color of orangutans will not be helpful for the aquawebs in their new environment. Aquawebs will need a more neutral, grayish beige color to blend in with the duller color of wetlands. This will make it harder for akalians to spot them. The aquawebs’ coat will also be thicker than the orangutans’. This will help the aquawebs to stay warm while swimming. When the tropical rainforest evolves into a wetland, the orangutans will evolve into the aquawebs with adaptations to help them survive.