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Thousands of years from now, Toucans lead a very different life, because of deforestation the rainforest is gone. With few trees left and empty land with nothing to suck up the constant rainfall, The once beautiful rainforest has turned into marsh. Tall grass is growing and mud is everywhere. There is murky water with unknown creatures lying beneath, because of all these habitat changes the toucans had to adapt as well. Over the centuries they adapted to the mud by growing longer legs with webbed toes. Many Toucans were lost due to Charles Darwin's “survival of the fittest” (their legs weren’t long enough for the mud) Their vibrant colors now changed to more muted tones so they can camouflage from ghastly predators like the alligator. Lastly their beaks have less of a scoop and are smaller and straighter to make it easier for eating small insects.