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From ancient creatures of 200 million-years-ago, the Pacific Black Chelonia Mydas Agassizii Sea Turtle inhabit tropical coastal waters such as Mexico and Costa Rica. Adults are herbivores. They grow to be approximately 1 meter long and 100kg in weight. Current studies in Biosphere 2 (Arizona) shows high resilience of plant life in rainforests under global warming conditions. The high humidity may lead to an abundance of life by driving photosynthetic plants that can adapt to the higher temperatures. The rainforest could be a huge carbon sink and grow. The future ocean may be too polluted for sea turtles to survive. They may have to adapt by living on land like tortoises, having sharp nails (instead of fins), and be better camouflaged to live in the densely populated rainforests. Already omnivores, the turtles’ jaw could adapt to become stronger and even have teeth. Their necks could elongate to be better predators.