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The animal that I choose is the blue poison dart frog. The blue poison dart frog can be found in isolated “rain forest islands”, specifically in the Sipaliwini savanna of southern Suriname. It’s diet consists of mites, termites, tiny beetles and any small insect it can find. The blue poison dart frog is about 2 inches long and can weigh up to 0.3 ounces.The bright blue color allows the frog to put out a warning to any and all predators that might want to eat it. The change in environment that I chose was from a rainforest to a desert. Some adaptations that I predict would happen to the frog include: the ability to store water, tanish skin as to camouflage, dryer skin, faster and more agile to escape fires, the ability to hibernate, and a faster tongue as to get flying insects when they try to migrate.