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Most Chameleons live in the Amazon. Chameleons have a projectile tongue, a prehensile tail, camera-like eyes and an ability to camouflage. Chameleons have eyes that can look in different directions. Did you know Chameleons are intelligent? Instead of fighting their enemies they retreat and protect themselves. Chameleons camouflage to hide from predators. Did you know the chameleon with brighter color and stripes will win a fight? Chameleons are usually very calm and they are sometimes kept for house pets because of their ability to change color. I predict there will be a Snow Lizard. They used to be chameleons that lived in the Amazon Forest, but because the Earth’s poles have switched the Amazon Forest became like Antarctica. They are warm-blooded, have a smaller body, white fur and claws. They never fight, but are hard to find. They are fast, strong and hide in the snow to camouflage from predators.