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My animal is the Spectacled Owl. They live in the Amazon Rainforest which is in South America. Their diet is mice and insects. They are fast hunters and also get preyed on by larger birds named Aves. They are seventeen to nineteen inches long. This owl can even camouflage from their predators. Their wings help them camouflage too. They hide in foliage that hangs low and isn’t easily detected. This interesting owl only has a lifespan of 25 years and reaches maturity after five. I think in a thousand years the Spectacled Owl will live on low resources. In 3021, there will be no food for their diet. I think they will have to end up eating anything that they can find to survive. I think in a thousand years, they might have to relocate, and their predators will be extinct. I believe that this special animal will live on.