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The Quetzal lives in many different rainforests and thrives in their home every day. Most rainforests are very humid and wet, but they might not look the same in the future. The Quetzal has very think feathers to protect it's skin underneath from all the rain and dew in the rainforest. It also has very big eyes so it can see well in the dark when it's looking for a midnight snack. In the future, the Quetzal will have to develop new skills and adapt to its new surroundings. I think that instead of a damp rainforest, it will become a dry savannah because of global warming. The Quetzal will have darker and browner feathers instead of pinks and greens so it can blend into the savannah, and use there beaks to peck at all of the dried berries. Instead living in trees, they will have to live in small bushes.