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Presently, jaguars have padded paws to walk the rainforest floors. Jaguars use their unique spots to camouflage from other animals. They use speed and stealth to hunt animals like deer and alligators. Jaguars also have long tails to get through trees. In the future, there will be more water in the rainforest than now. Because of this, the future jaguar, called the webbed jaguar, will have more fur to keep warm when it’s in the cold water. Instead of padded claws, the webbed jaguar will have webbed feet to adapt to more water in the environment. The jaguars’ long tails will be shorter in the future to help them get through bodies of water. The webbed jaguar will no longer look the same, with it’s yellowish fur and black spots. It will be more blue in color to blend with the water. Even it’s spots will be mostly faded.