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Did you know that the jaguar is the 3rd largest cat in the world? Jaguars (unlike many house cats) don't avoid water. They are confident swimmers known to cross large rivers. That would benefit them if the Amazon of South America or the Maya Forest of Central America got flooded. Their name comes from the word 'yaguar' which means, 'he who kills with one leap'. What would happen if the Amazon of South America got almost completely washed over by water? The jaguars would have to adapt to their new habitat, which means evolving. How exactly would they evolve? Over time they might develop gills to be able to breath under water, webbed talons to swim better, and poison in their claws, so that they only have to scratch their food, then wait for it to die. This new evolved jaguar would be called the Jaguar Evolucionado- the Evolved Jaguar.