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The Adaptathon is a type of snake that can camouflage itself so its predator can't find it. Adaptathon’s can turn three colors red, yellow, and green to blend into the trees or forest floor. This vertebrate has many adaptations. One adaptation is to camouflage itself because when it is resting, it is invisible to any creature or human eye. Another adaptation is that Adaptathon’s are strong and they kill their food by squeezing them so they suffocate. Lastly, a present adaptation is that the Adaptathon is nocturnal so it can hunt at night. The future adaptations that my animal will need to survive is to be able to produce venom to protect itself from its prey because the ice caps are melting and water levels are rising so they need to kill quickly. Another adaptation that the Adaptathon will need is to grow fangs to inject it’s predator with the venom.