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Have you ever wondered what a future toucan will look like and how they will survive? Toucans that are found today are very beautiful. Toucans have very vibrant colored feathers, and their feathers help them camouflage with the bright fruit in the rainforest. Toucans eat fruit, bugs, frogs, and other birds eggs. A toucan in 1000 years will look very different from the ones today. In 1000 years the toucans will be named the audubon. The audubon will have very dark colors, because its home will become a wasteland. It will get its feathers to stay brown by bathing in dust and water. The Audubon will hunt with its sharp beak by stabbing the bugs for food. It will also help with protecting the baby audubons and feeding them. An interesting fact about the audubon's beak is it is slimmer yet it is more stronger to help it survive.