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Most Toucans live in tropical rainforests. But due to the present climate change, the heat temperature is rising and rainforests will soon become swamps. There are a lot of adaptations toucans will have to adapt to. In fact, most of their adaptations now, will completely change. Here are their adaptations. Eyes: Right now, toucans eyes are small and beady to find fruit. In the future, their eyes will be big and wide to spot their prey on stems. Beak: Their beak in the future will be smaller to the fact that they only eat bugs and no fruit. Brain: Toucans have lots of predators. They will have a bigger brain to escape. Claws: Their claws will be bigger to grapple onto larger stems. Wings, Body color: They will have color changing feathers to blend in, and green bodies to camouflage. Toucan’s adaptations will be extraordinary like no other animal anymore.