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Sloths are mammals that live in the tropical rainforest. Sloths live in the trees in tropical rainforests, they eat leaves, and they are good swimmers. In thousands of years there may be floods that make the rainforest hard to live in for the present sloth. But, in thousands of years, the present sloth will change into… Leniwy! (That’s Polish for sloth-ish.) Leniwy has better eyesight than the sloth. It would be 4 feet instead of 2 feet, and it would make a little hut on some tree branches, made of sticks, leaves, and fallen branches, for its home and for protection against the harsh waves. It would have to eat fish as well as leaves. The Leniwy would also have to have bigger and sharper claws to defend itself. The sloth will change into the Leniwy because it needs to protect itself. This may take thousands upon thousands of years.