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Clouded leopards live in the rainforests throughout Asia. They weigh between 25 and 35 pounds and can grow up to 2.7 ft.They are called Clouded leopards because their fur looks like clouds in a tree. They can jump twelve feet off a tree without breaking a bone. Due to climate change, the rainforests have become swamps. It will be hard for the clouded leopards to survive in the swamps due to the loss of prey. The clouded leopards are now brown and are called tree leopards. The clouded leopards diet mainly consists of fish and berries. They now have webbed paws so if a crocodile is trying to eat a clouded leopard they can swim away faster. They also have two coats of fur because the swamps are very cold and they have to swim. The top coat is cold and wet while the bottom coat is warm and dry.