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How would the howler monkey evolve from global warming? What happens if the world’s a desert where few survive, and the howler monkey was in that few. This is what he might look like. The howler monkey currently has black or yellow fur. In the future, howler monkeys may have light colored fur to block out heat and blend into its surroundings. The current howler monkey is omnivorous and is 23-36 inches and weighs 15-22 pounds. The future howler monkey may be a carnivorous predator because in the future plants might be scarce from drought. Their teeth will be sharper to eat meat, and they will be 30-40 inches and weigh 50-60 pounds. In the future, their howls will be louder to scare predators. Today, they live in trees. Future howler monkeys will live in packs in caves for protection. Howler monkeys need these changes to survive in the future.