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The King Cobra I chose a reptile; the King Cobra. Rising sea levels are threatening King Cobra’s habitat. In thousands of years, rainforests will be mostly submerged by water. The King Cobra needs to adapt to survive. They aren’t good swimmers and cannot hunt and defend underwater. The new, adapted King Cobra, is The King Thorneus. One development for King Thorneus is two strong lungs to breathe underwater. In addition, King Thorneus has a tail with two stingers to warn off enemies, and sting prey once something is in its mouth. It’s fangs will turn grey when in danger. This will be useful when hunting and for safety. Since Thorneus needs to go underwater to hunt, it’s hood will help it swim deeper underwater. Finally, camouflage is crucial. The new Thorneus will be able to change to a bluey, brown to blend in with the murky waters of the Rainforest.