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Anacondas have had many adaptations to survive in the rainforest. Anacondas practically live in the water. You can outpace one on land but in water you are as good as dead if one is chasing you. They have sharp teeth, taste based tracking, strong jaws, and the mottled pattern on the scales help them camouflage into their surroundings. But what if one day the rainforest turned into a savanna? What would the anaconda do? The anaconda would turn a yellowish- grey color to blend in with the savanna floor. They would stop growing so they could escape quicker without having to worry about a part of their body getting caught, but still be able to wrap their body around their prey. Also, the anaconda would grow feet with pads on them like a dog, to sense heat coming from prey over a mile away. Those are some facts about anacondas.