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Bengal tigers live in rainforests at the base of the Himalayas. The Bengal tiger’s stripes combined with the shadows cast by the canopy help them camouflage while hunting. These tigers can hear infrasound; sounds so soft, it is below normal hearing range. They use this to communicate. Due to global warming the sea level will rise. Therefore, Bengal tigers will be forced into the Himalayas because they don’t swim well or breathe under the water. They will develop either gray or white fur; gray for camouflage in the lower parts of the Himalayas; white for camouflaging in the snowy peaks. They’d have to climb in colder conditions and snow to get around, so they will develop thicker pads and fur on the bottom of their paws. They will have thicker fur and an extra layer of fat to keep warm. All of these adaptations will help Bengal tigers survive.