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Coatimundis inhabit the understory of South American lowland rainforests. Coatimundis eat by probing rocks and leaf piles on the ground for insects, rodents, fruit, and small reptiles. They use trees as protection from predators. Current data suggests sea levels are rising 1-4 feet every 75 years. In 100,000 years, sea levels will rise between 1,330 and 5,330 feet. With a future habitat of flooded rainforests, Coatimundis will need to adapt by sourcing food from the ocean. To accomplish this, Coatimundis will need improved swimming ability. Webbed feet and a larger tail will help with this. Additionally, larger lungs will help them to submerge longer. Thicker, water repellant fur will help Coatimundis stay dry. Finally, bigger claws will assist in catching ocean prey, and also can be used for defense. In conclusion, with rising sea levels, Coatimundis will have to change in many ways and become “Clawtimundis” to survive the future.