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Mountain Gorillas are primate animals. Right now, if they are living on top of a mountain, while the temperature gets more than 25 or more degrees in a day, they may not be able to make it. In 1,000 years, they may be extinct. But if they do survive, their colors will fade from dark brown, gray, or black to a light grayish color because the sunlight will shine more and more and eventually make the colors fade. When the Gorilla’s color fades, it will look more like the abominable snowman but in the heat. When the Gorillas change, and their colors fade, their behavior will remain the same but the name will be changed from Mountain Gorillas to Primmountgore. Rainforest Primmountgores are herbivores and usually eat foods like wild celery, shoots, roots, fruit, bark and tree pulp, but they have been known to eat small animals and insects.