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Leopards adaptations in the future will change drastically. Leopards are carnivorous, meat-eating animals. From head to tail leopards range from 5-8 feet long. They can run up to 36 mph. Leopards have advanced eyesight, able to see in the dark 7 times better than humans. In the future, I think leopards will be forced to migrate to the deserts because of global warming. To improve more competitive advantage to attack scarce prey, their legs will grow longer improving running speed to 85-95 mph, while also increasing their forward jumping from 20 to 30 feet. Leopards will also have sharper claws to protect themselves and improve hunting of their prey. Lastly, their canines will evolve to be able to spray out venom for better defense in a harsher desert environment. These are just some of my ideas on how leopards will live in the future and adapt to new environmental challenges.