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What comes to mind when you hear the word toucans? Do you see charcoal-black birds with rainbow-colored beaks? These features are acceptable now. But in the future, it might be different. The rainforests we know might turn to savannas. Now, toucans might not be able to survive that, but novum toucan might be able to. Novum toucan is Latin for “New toucan”, which defines it. They have white feathers instead of black ones. White feathers would absorb light, unlike black ones, which would keep it from overheating. Another adaptation is a sharper beak. It could be used as a weapon that could fend off predators. One feature of this new bird is its ability to be able to run faster. Several animals in the savanna are fast, so being a fast runner could benefit novum toucan. In conclusion, toucans wouldn’t survive the savanna, but novum toucan might have a chance.