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Hello. Do you want to learn more about Jaguars? Well I’m your guy. Jaguars have tons of adaptations like excellent swimming and they also have powerful jaws and night sight. Those adaptations help them survive in the rainforest. But what if the rainforests change in a couple thousand years and the Jaguars have to adapt again? What if the sea level rises and floods their natural habitat? Jaguars will need to adapt; welcome the Jaguaris Podis! Their adaptations will include webbed feet for swimming and fur that is blue-green so they can blend in with the water. When Jaguaris Podis comes onto the land, they would be able to camouflage themselves with their surroundings in the rainforest so they will be able to hunt. Their diet is fish, turtles, and baby crocodiles. So one day, if the world changes, hopefully, the Jaguars can adapt to their new environment.