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Time has changed. Centuries later, tree kangaroos are rare yet still hunted. Fires have demolished almost every rainforest. In the future, tree kangaroos will not have a pouch due to the overpopulation of male kangaroos because of the warmer climate in the rainforest. Only female kangaroos have pouches, when there are more male kangaroos, the female kangaroos will be the ones feeding the population of male tree kangaroos. Usually, tree kangaroos would have an advantage in trees. Later in time, the rainforest’s trees will have fallen. The future of the rainforest will look plain and bland. The population of tree kangaroos is 2,500 in the year 2020. Imagine what the total will be later in time. Assume there is a fire in the rainforest. This could be another way tree kangaroos lose their habitat. Even though tree kangaroos have an advantage in trees, imagine what could happen in the future.