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In case of Deforestation, Sloths must move to different environments. Sloths couldn't travel very far, so Sloths must adapt Strong Arm and Leg Muscles to move faster. They also need a lot more stamina and can no longer be lazy. If flooding or Climate change occurs, Sloths would need to improve their fur so they can move more efficiently in water. Sloths would also need to be able to withstand both cold and hot temperatures. If a wildfire occurs, sloths will need to be able to withstand the heat, escape the area, and find a new home. Sloths would need to be able to live in all types of rainforests. Sloths should also be able to swing from tree to tree easily, much like a monkey. Sloths eat berries and leaves, so the only way they would starve is if deforestation happened. If so, they would migrate to another rainforest.