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Macaws are known for their brightly colored feathers, but would they survive if they were taken from their habitat, the treetops of the mighty rainforest, and placed in a dry savanna instead? One of the macaws’ main problems is that colorful fruits and flowers-which provide camouflage and food in rainforests-aren’t very common in savannas. A cluster of dull acacias won’t be able to contribute much to the macaws’ needs. The savanna doesn’t contain many nuts or seeds either, so macaws would possibly have to change their diet accordingly. Winter in the savanna is also dryer than in the rainforest. The macaws may be more accustomed to humid climates, so they would have to adjust to the more parched climate of the savanna. Were any macaws to move into a savanna, food and climate could become a barrier to them. Here's to hoping that climate change won’t affect them too drastically.