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I just captured a perfectly normal iguana and I am heading back to the lab to start right now. Before the experiment, the iguana has normally sized eyes, long fingers, a small nostril, a fairly long tail, spikes along its back, wow it should cut its nails more often, oh and it also has a dewlap on its neck which is the dangly skin thing. Now, I’ll just get my computer and start calculating the outcome for the iguana when global warming takes place. Hmmm... what should I give it so it can survive in warmer weather, smog, sea levels rising, acid rain, hungry predators, etc. Ooh, I know! What about webs? Like webbed feet, and a thicker tail, and maybe somehow it can get gills that instead of filtering water filter air! More webs!.. It’s been over five minutes and I just couldn’t stop adding things, but it’s done.