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Did you know that Scarlet Macaws live in the rainforest? First, to get around they use wings to fly from trees and use their claws to jump from branches. Next, they use their claws and beaks to grab seeds off trees. This is their food. Also, to defend themselves they use their beaks to bite enemies, their claws to scratch, and their tough wings to slap enemies. In some cases, the Macaw will use its wings to alert other Macaws if they’re in danger. Macaws are able to adapt to harsh environments. I think that these future adaptations might be in the future. First, The wings of the scarlet macaw in the future will be thicker to slap harder. Next, the beak will be longer to not get close to the tree. Finally, their feathers will be less colorful to blend in and hide. Macaws will be able to adapt.