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In 10,000 years the Harpy Eagle will have evolved. The sea has risen, there is plastic and trash everywhere and the world is much hotter. The Harpy Eagle’s rainforest habitat has changed over time to a dry savanna/coastal habitat. Many trees are gone. The Harpy Eagle now has a smaller body, but bigger wings to fly further and faster. The smaller body size allows it to survive on less food and live longer between meals. In the past it used to eat small monkeys, but now it eats mostly fish. Its longer beak helps catch fish. Its blue feathers camouflage with the sky. Its eyesight is better to find the fish it eats. Sharper webbed talons allow it to swim and dig burrows near sources of water. It lays more eggs that hatch faster. The bird’s adaptations have allowed it to survive when others have gone extinct.