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The girkapoose is a combination of the rainforest animal, known as the okapi, combined with the savanna and woodland animals, the giraffe and the moose. Climate change is bringing challenging obstacles for rainforests and the animals to overcome. The okapi's environment is surrounded by unsuitable lands. The rainforest animals do not have the legs or hooves compatible with these lands, so they would be trapped. The moose has hooves and legs that move equally in marshy, thick land, crossing rivers and streams, and climbing higher grounds. If the rainforest began to see rainfall shortages, animals from other habitats could be forced to be together, possibly bringing the moose and okapi together to mate. Drier conditions are ,also, difficult for the okapis. Their dark coloring is miserable. The giraffe's pattern would be beneficial because the patterns absorb the heat and make it more bearable. Thus, creating a future animal, the girkapoose.