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Reaching up to six feet in length, strong, and aggressive, jaguars roam the rainforest. They prey upon almost anything. They are the big predator in the rainforest. Because of this, they play an important role in controlling the populations of other species. However, in recent years, the rainforest has become endangered due to deforestation. Hunting and habitat loss continue to threaten their survival. Jaguars require expansive areas of land to survive. Jaguars are at risk of becoming isolated and losing genetic diversity. In the future, jaguars should become smaller in length and change their fur color to a solid more brown tint to match their environment better so they can camouflage more effectively. They should also live together in clowders so that they continue to have genetic diversity by consistently being around potential mates. These physical and behavioral changes would help curb the effects that deforestation has on jaguars.